The Problem with hand sampling soil

The Problem

It's Garbage In - Garbage Out. Typically, 4-6 cores, or at best 10-12 cores, are pulled at inconsistent distances, angles, and depths. This practice simply cannot reap the high quality data today's grower requires to get the results promised by current technologies available to todays Top Growers.

Soil Sampling SolutionThe Solution

AutoProbe automated soil sampling technology collects up to 40 cores per sample effortlessly in a consistent, uniform, and accurate distance, angle, and depth from the comfort of a tractor cab.  Precise Sampling leads to Precise Planting and Precise Nutrient Management which brings about the best odds for maximum yield, lower costs and greater profit.


Accurate Soil Sampling


Tested & Validated on over 600,000 acres across 18 states

It's Foundational Data. AutoProbe™ is consistant, accurate, repeatable. And, with the ability to pull over 2500 cores per hour, it will provide the highest quality sample. Sign up to have  AutoProbe™ sample your fields.

Latest News

  • We usually don’t add blog posts based on news from another company, but we truly believe this is a BIG DEAL and worth adding note to our site. Of all the things we have learned in bringing new technology like AutoProbe to market, the simple fact is that "Big Ag" is firmly in control of the “hearts” and minds  of most farmers.

  • It seems that every day we continue to see more stories about the need for better soil information and the increased demand for soil sampling as a whole. Many farmers and their trusted advisors have enough history with precision based samples to see a real return both economically and environmentally.

  • AgRobotics was recently featured in a piece on The article, titled Machine Makes Soil Sampling Faster, More Accurate, details the history of the AutoProbe. Currently the most precise and accurate soil sampling technology on the market, it's proving to make a large and undeniable impact on the farming community. You can read the full article below, or by visiting HERE.

AutoProbe Technologies

Precision Agriculture starts with a Precise Sample.

AutoProbe Technologies Automated Soil Sampling 

Soil Data is Foundational Data. Which Foundation woud YOU Choose?


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