Frank Moore

Frank MooreMoore Farms - Three Rivers Consulting - Cresco, IA

"I see two main advantages of using AutoProbe mechanized soil sample collection....

"First, for farmers, it is the quality of the soil samples pulled. The AutoProbe pulls a core every 17 feet. Twenty cores for every two and a half acre grid, or a pre-determined amount for zones. There is complete accountability as each core pulled is GPS tracked. You know exactly where the cores are being pulled.


Dr. John Fulton

John-FultonBiosystems Engineering - Auburn University

"It's becoming more of a necessity to have the capacity to collect a large number of soil cores in order to have the spatial density to better charactize soil fertility levels; in particular those fields that are highly variable in nature. We need the tools and technology that allow us to quickly collect more soil cores per area measured in order to meet this requirement. Automating the sampling process with the AutoProbe makes soil sampling bearable rather than backbreaking."


Jason Webster

Jason-WebsterBecks Hybrids - Downs, IL

Play Autoprobe video at Becks Hybrid


"Garbage in, garbage out. It's true for data in any on-farm research. You have to get the best data up front to base your observations and recommendation on. It's what we pride ourselves as doing at Becks Hybrids.

"AutoProbe mechanized soil sampler takes the guess work out of pulling quality soil samples. And, it speeds the process to allow for more cores to be pulled from a wider area in at the same angle and to the same depth. These may sound like little things, but they're huge when it comes to making predictions for nutrient application in the correct amounts on the right hybrids to maximize yields.


Noel Thompson

Noel ThompsonCircle Hills Farms - Ellsworth, IA

"Our local CPS recommended we go with AutoProbe automated soil sampling on grids this fall," Noel says. "We're glad we did. We also use an independent crop consultant to double-check agronomic recommendations.

"The gray areas in the field map show where no lime application is necessary. In the past we would have applied an equal amount across the entire field. Grid sampling with the AutoProbe helped point out where we can save money. We plan to move all of our soil sampling to grid format over the next few years."


Dick Blomgren

Dick BlomgrenBoone, IA

"Accurate soil samples are key," says Dick. "The AutoProbe mechanizes the process and assures this. Fertility plans are only as good as the weakest link in the chain. Good soil samples are the most important basic information that must be gathered. The AutoProbe takes away the human error. You know you're getting the same number of probes at the same depth across each grid or zone. It just makes good sense to use the AutoProbe on such an important link in the fertility chain when shooting for the highest yields."

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