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Frank MooreMoore Farms - Three Rivers Consulting - Cresco, IA

"I see two main advantages of using AutoProbe mechanized soil sample collection....

"First, for farmers, it is the quality of the soil samples pulled. The AutoProbe pulls a core every 17 feet. Twenty cores for every two and a half acre grid, or a pre-determined amount for zones. There is complete accountability as each core pulled is GPS tracked. You know exactly where the cores are being pulled.

There's no wondering if a few shovels of dirt were collected at the edge of the field and tossed into a bucket by a tired worker at the end of a long day. There's accountability and accuracy from samples pulled by the AutoProbe.

"Second, for crop consultants, when pulling the samples there's a huge time savings. Hundreds of acres a day can be pulled with no more worker fatigue than driving a tractor using auto-steer. Retirees and older more experienced workers can pull samples from the comfort of an air-conditioned or heated cab. Back-breaking, boring, manual soil sample pulling is eliminated.

"We're running on-farm tests comparing the quality and variance of soil samples pulled with the AutoProbe vs. conventional sampling and will be able to share results on this during winter meetings. Or, feel free to contact me for more information on how they turned out."

Frank Moore
Iowa State University Nashua Research Farm, Board President
and Farmer and Owner
Moore Farms and Three Rivers Ag Consulting
18726 115th St
Cresco, IA 52136
(641) 330-0021
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